Update on Tuesday’s City Council Meeting

The San Diego City Council met on Tuesday and in attendance to speak in opposition of regulations, there were over 50 people organized by Judy Strang and Kathy Lippet from a local county funded organization called HARM.
These misinformed members of a small hate driven group were comparing MMJ patients to sex offenders and spreading lies and propaganda.
Thank you to all who came and spoke in favor of regulations!
I think this was the first time that the HARM people saw that we will NOT be silent in the face of hate, discrimination, and lies! Thank you for your courage in standing up to the bullies.
The Item was moved to January 4th as there wasn’t enough time with all the speakers to get to it. Please come back and bring 2 friends with you! Sign up to speak and urge the City Council to proceed with the regulations recommended by the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force.
We need regulations not a ban and the San Diego City Council should not be distracted by the County Funded Lobbying groups part of our local prison industrial complex whos intent is to overturn Proposition 215.
more to come….

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