Eugene Davidovich – 995 Hearing Today – Court Support Needed

I am currently facing a Jury Trial which is scheduled to start Next Week on the 2nd of March. The trial is related to the February 2009 (Operation Endless Summer / Green Rx) raids, orchestrated by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and her Cross Jurisdictional Narcotics Task Force (NTF).

Today I go to court for a 995 hearing, which is an attempt to get one of the charges against me dropped.

If you are able, please come out for court support as well as to see for yourself how medical cannabis patients are treated in court in San Diego.
220 W Broadway San Diego CA – Department 55 – 1:30pm

Originally I was charged with 4 felony counts, one of which about a month ago we were able to get dismissed by a judge bringing down the total charges to 3.

When my house was raided and I arrested in February of 2009, the NTF seized, 1.1 ounce of dried flowers and 14g (1/2 oz) of condensed kief (concentrated cannabis). Originally I was not charged with the possession of concentrated cannabis as clearly that amount is well within state/ city limits, as well as a very reasonable amount for any medical cannabis patient to have. One week before my trial was supposed to start in January and Theresa Pham (Deputy DA prosecuting my case) came back with another count. “Possession of Concentrated Cannabis”

As a result my trial has been moved to March 2 and today my attorneys will argue to get the Concentrated Cannabis Charge dismissed.

For more information about my story and to see the video of the delivery of medicine to the undercover narcotics task force officer posing as a legitimate patient please visit


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