Jackson Return of Property Motion Denied

By: Eugene Davidovich, February 19, 2010

This morning Lance Rogers, Attorney for Jovan Jacksons argued a return of property motion in front of Superior Court Judge Bashant. The courtroom had over a dozen of Jovan’s Supporters a large majority of whom were active members of San Diego Americans for Safe Access.

After hearing the arguments from both sides, Judge Bashant denied the motion. Throughout the arguments it was clear by the expression on the Judge’s face that she was simply going through the motions, and had already made up her mind prior to walking into court.

She explained that the motion was being denied without prejudice for two main reasons; first the prosecution could potentially still use the evidence in the new case which goes to prelim later this month, secondly, because the medical cannabis as well as most other items are held by the DEA. she had no authority to order the Feds to do anything.

When asked why the evidence was in the DEA’s possession on a state case, Prosecutor Chris Lindbergh explained that most evidence is given to the DEA because the Narcotics Task Force that conducted the raid is a cross jurisdictional entity and also has federal power. He also explained that it is more convenient for them to store it there.

Mr. Jackson will return to court on February 26, 2010 for the preliminary hearing in his second trial. The Prelim is scheduled for 8:30 am in Department 11 in the San Diego Superior Court House.

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