People V. Davidovich Trial Day 8 – Defendant Testimony to Exceed 8 Hours

Court Support – THURSDAY 3/18/2010 – 10:00am
People V. Davidovich Trial Day 8 – Department 55 – 220 W Broadway San Diego CA 92101

Thursday, March 18, 2010 I will resume the stand and continue my testimony in front of a jury of twelve peers.

Tuesday March, 15th, I spent all day on the stand being cross examined by Theresa Pham the prosecutor in my case. I am hoping that she sticks to her estimate of 30 minutes for the remainder of her cross examination on the 17th. However based on everything the DA has done to date, I am anticipating spending another day on the stand.

After my testimony, we expect to hear testimony from the landlord whom I rented the property where the collective cultivation took place. Following the landlord’s testimony, we will hear from two of my character witnesses who will talk about my character traits with regards to generosity, law abidingness, and truthfulness. Both of these individuals have known me for over 15 years and one of whom was my former boss.

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I look forward to seeing you in court. The only way that we can make a change is through education and outreach. Join me in this effort. Stay united, stay strong, get involved, make a difference!

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