Protest DEA Raids TODAY!

DEA PROTEST TODAY – 12-2pm San Diego Federal Courthouse – 940 Front St. San Diego CA

Over the past two months, the DEA has raided medical marijuana laboratories and cultivators in Colorado and Hawaii. To make matters worse, the federal government has assisted local law enforcement in dozens of other raids in California, Colorado, and Michigan. U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will soon conduct the confirmation hearings for Acting DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart. President Obama has nominated Michele Leonhart to be the new administrator of the DEA. Please urge Senator Leahy to aggressively question Ms. Leonhart about recent DEA medical marijuana raids.

San Diego ASA is calling TODAY Monday April 19th a DAY OF ACTION in SAN DIEGO!

1. Email Senator Leahy today and ask your friends to do the same:

2. From 12-2pm – We will be meeting outside of the federal courthouse at 940 Front St San Diego CA 92101 to protest the raids from 9/9/9, Joseph’s sentencing and help hold the DEA accountable.


1. Email senator Leahy
2. 12-2pm for the Protest outside of the courthouse!

San Diego Americans for Safe Access

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