Update on James Dean Stacy Federal Court Hearing

Today the Federal reset the motion hearing date to May 19th at 10:30am in Courtroom 15. 940 Front St. San Diego CA 92101

This will be the day the judge makes his ruling on the motion for a medical defense in Federal Court.

The Judge cancelled the April 26 Trial Date, and said he would not set the court date as the length of the trial and preparation would depend on whether he gave James the defense or not.

One of the arguments being made in the case is Entrapment by Estoppel. This means that I was entrapped by the statements that President Obama made along with the Attorney General about the fact that they would not go after medical marijuana patients and providers. The President even wrote a memo on May 20th, 2009 telling the heads of executive departments not to preempt state law.

You can get all the info at www.movementinaction.org

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