Attention Public Relations staff of San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. Please pass along the following message…

By: Dan Murphy, San Diego ASA

30876_1266497224189_1282530566_30638297_828373_aThe old ways are dead.

You can no longer railroad the disenfranchised into easy plea deals. You can no longer ignore REAL crime and instead target the sick. You can no longer confiscate the property of law abiding citizens. You can no longer acquire federal grants to eradicate voilent asian gangs and use the money to further your agenda of hate against Medical Marijuana patients.

It is not your place to try to SMACK us back into line because you do not agree with our ideas and California Law.

Your job is to uphold the law, the will of the people.

The people have spoken. Read prop 215 carefully. Distribution is legal. Upheld on appeal. The juries have spoken. NOT GUILTY!

We are NOT going away and we are NOT going to go down quietly. You think we are a fringe, a minority to be discounted but there is a storm brewing…
Everyday more and more decent hard working people are getting fed up with your lies. The waste of human life, of human potential, of humanity…

You have to know that the harder you fight the inevitable the more you secure the fortunes of the criminals you claim to be against. You are many things Bonnie but stupid is not one of them. Do you really want the public to believe that you are supporting organized crime? Why?

Until you accept the reality you now exist in you will continue to be made to look foolish. Not good for you as a person. Not good for San Diego as a city.

Why can you no longer get away with these things?

Because I am watching you! And I am not alone.

Do the right thing.

Dannabis Ruderalis

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