San Diego Medical Marijuana Day of Action – COURT SUPPORT


Come out and support your fellow community members when they need your help most! On Monday 5/10/10 two of our own are going to court in San Diego. The first is an arraignment in state court from a raid a couple months ago in an Encinitas home, and the other is Joseph Nunes Sentencing in Federal Court from the 9/9/9 raids, all part of Bonnie Dumanis’ effort to eradicate medical marijuana from San Diego.

Laura Reindel – 1:30pm – Department 12 – 220 W Broadway
Ms. Reindel of Encinitas is being charged in state court for cultivation and possession of Cannabis, despite her status as a medical marijuana patient. Although raided almost two months ago, Laura has lived with the dread of not knowing if she will be charged until just a couple days ago when she received the letter on District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ letterhead, charging her with two counts.

Laura was raided by the multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force headed by the DA’s office to eradicate medical marijuana from San Diego. She was detained and questioned for many hours as well as having all her medical cannabis and related property seized.

Joseph Nunes Sentencing – 3:00pm – Federal Court House – Judge Burns – 940 Front St.
Mr. Nunes is a victim of the continued eradication efforts of the San Diego District Attorney and the DEA. He has been charged in Federal court and forced to agree to a plea bargain to avoid years of incarceration for something that is legal under state law. He is one of the founding members of the Kush Lounge and Green Cross collective that was raided during the September 9th 2009 Narcotics Task Force round of raids.

Mr Nunes is asking the judge for probation and his attorney Mr. Jim Warner is confident that the judge will see through the bias driven persecution and reduce the sentencing guideline of 27-33 months to probation. The sentencing will be held on May 10 at 3pm in front of Judge Burns. (940 Front St. San Diego CA) Lets pack the courtroom and send a strong and peaceful message with our presence that the community does not support ANY jail time for Joseph.

Get Active, Get Involved, Make a difference!

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