San Diego North County ASA Meeting – Update

Friday night May 14th North county ASA meeting was well attended with 15 people participating.
Thanks to Green Health for giving us a location for the meeting. 950 E. Vista Way in Vista.

The meeting was run by James Dean Stacy a federal defendant who is having court May 19th at 10:30 am in court room 15 940 Front St. Downtown San Diego. James Talked about some national issues such as Washington DC’s Medical marijuana law that could have far reaching effects. He also talked about HR 3939 the truth in trials act. Then more local issues were talked about starting with the Counties zoning rules and how we were able to present our side and that it had an effects on the zoning. We also talked about Joe Nunes sentencing and the effect that a pack court room had on the outcome. The subject of the state card came up and was discussed, presenting the pros and cons. Help is our history week is starting next Monday and was presented. In all the meeting was very informative and presented the participants with some actions they could do to help in our fight for safe access.

James Stacy
San Diego Americans for Safe Access

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