WHEN: Wednesday, July 28 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm – COURTROOM 15
WHERE: 940 Front St. San Diego CA, 92101

Please come out and show your support. This is a status hearing where the Judge will hear arguments about his recent ruling denying Mr. Stacy a defense in court and barring him from telling the truth in his trial regarding medical marijuana.

The Stacy trial and recent DEA raids come as the City and County of San Diego are both deliberating local regulations on distribution of medical marijuana. Advocates argue that federal actions in collaboration with local law enforcement aim to undermine efforts to regulate the same activity that’s being criminalized. San Diego has historically been hostile to medical marijuana, filing a lawsuit against local advocates and the State of California to avoid implementing the state-mandated ID card system and conducting more than 50 DEA raids during the Bush Administration. Yet, patients and advocates have been supported by two San Diego Grand Juries that have issued strong recommendations to fully implement state law at the local level.

“Stacy’s prosecution and denial of a defense underscores the importance of developing a comprehensive federal policy on medical marijuana, which will also allow states to care for the health and welfare of their people without unnecessary federal interference,” continued Woodson. “It’s not the purview of the federal government to enforce local or state laws.”

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