Dumanis Responds to Questions About Closure of Campaign Facebook Page

Dumanis TwitSan Diego – March, 31 2011, the NOT Dumanis Campaign announced that Bonnie Dumanis removed her campaign Facebook page, which generated significant questions about her mayoral bid. See:
Bonnie Dumanis Shutters Facebook Campaign Page – Considering Dropping out of Mayoral Race

Today, April 1, 2011, Ms. Dumanis decided to run after all. She officially announced around 10am on her twitter page that “I am STILL running for mayor–as hard as ever! Press reports I might be quitting because I took down one of my FB pages are wrong!”

To echo Ms. Dumanis’ words, the NOT Dumanis campaign plans on moving forward with our mission as ‘hard as ever’ as well!

Visit NOT Dumanis on Facebook for more information.

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