Legal Seminar: Navigating Safe Access to Medical Marijuana through the California State and Federal Courts

icon_patientsrights2Last year, California appellate courts ruled in Pack v. City of Long Beach and City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patient’s Health and Wellness Center, considerably altering the legal landscape of safe access to medical marijuana. In January, after urging from ASA and other groups, the California Supreme Court decided to review these harmful rulings, thereby decertifying them. Since then, however, two more appellate court ruling were issued last month: People v. Colvin and City of Lake Forest v. Evergreen Holistic Collective. These, fortunately, are far better rulings for the medical marijuana community.

Do you want to know why? And how best to take advantage of them? Be sure to attend an upcoming 2-hour seminar led by ASA in a city near you.

Ever since the Justice Department crackdown was announced in October 2011, the legal landscape has also been dramatically changed in the federal courts. While a number of legal actions have so far failed, a Tenth Amendment lawsuit filed by ASA is still moving ahead as well as a challenge to the scheduling of marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. Find out more by attending an upcoming ASA seminar near you.

Please join ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford for a seminar on recent developments in state and federal court, affecting safe access to medical marijuana in California.

This two hour seminar will include discussions on:

* California Supreme Court’s review of the Pack and Riverside cases
* Impact of the Colvin case
* Impact of the Lake Forest case
* Defining the current landscape to policy makers
* Recent changes in federal courts and what to expect

When (Please click on the following dates to register):

San Francisco: March 26th, 3-5pm
Long Beach: March 29th, 3-5pm
San Diego: March 30th, 3-5pm
Sonoma: April 5th, 3-5pm
Location: TBA

$100 for non-ASA members
$50 for ASA members
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Hope to see you there!

Americans for Safe Access


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