City Attorney Sends Medical Marijuana Ordinance to Mayor, City Council

On April 23, the City Council provided direction to the Mayor and City Attorney with respect to medical marijuana regulation and enforcement. Among the directions to the City Attorney’s office was to “draft a ‘land-use’ ordinance on medical marijuana nearly identical to 0-20043 (Passed on April 27, 2011)” with certain listed changes.
The attached packet of information, including a draft ordinance per direction from the City Council, was sent to the Mayor and City Council on May 13.
Included within the attached packet is the Resolution adopted by the City Council on April 23. Exhibit “A” to that Resolution includes the specific directions to the Mayor and City Attorney. The last two pages of the packet are part of the Resolution and list those specific directions and requests.
As discussed in the last two pages of the packet, the next steps involve action by the Mayor involving a study, vetting of the draft ordinance by listed community groups, identifying the City department(s) responsible for issuing permits, developing a fee structure, analysis of potential zoning impacts and docketing the ordinance.

Our office will provide a memorandum of law on the various legal issues raised as the process moves forward.

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