“Dog-Whistle Racism” by The Lincoln Club of San Diego

Presente.org has alerted CourageCampaign.org – which in turn alerted San Diego ASA – to a shameful racist attack in San Diego.

With just weeks until a special election to replace the Mayor of San Diego, The Lincoln Club — a wealthy right-wing political group launched a racist attack ad depicting mayoral Candidate David Alvarez as a sinister and money-hungry gang member.(1)

Link to ABC 10-News video

ABC 10-News: Mayoral campaign mail ad portrays candidate like gang member

The Lincoln Club created and photoshopped the mailer, portraying Candidate Alvarez — a well-respected member of the community who would become the first Latino mayor of the city — with a fist full of cash using a hand gesture commonly associated with gangs.

Tell The Lincoln Club to disavow and end their racist campaign ad immediately!

It’s not surprising that the political group behind this despicable ad is known to work closely with the Tea Party and was a major funder of Prop 8 — California’s now overturned ban on same-sex marriage — as well as the “Citizens United” lawsuit that gutted campaign finance protections nationwide. With this attack, they have stooped to a all-time-new-low.

Top San Diego political consultant Tom Shepard says that the Club’s mailer clearly insinuates a racist connection to gang members that is intended to “have a significant impact on voter attitudes.”(2) This type of cowardly and unethical messaging is referred to as “dog-whistle racism” — planting coded images and themes of common racial stereotypes to conjure up fear of minorities — and it has no place in California politics.(3)

Join us in demanding The Lincoln Club have the courage to apologize and put an end to this shameful attack.

By promoting this racist campaign ad, The Lincoln Club is perpetuating the insulting and inaccurate notion that all Latinos are gang members, as opposed to educated, accomplished and hardworking members of our society.

Late last year Councilmember Alvarez attended San Diego ASA’s monthly meeting and declared his support for safe access to medical cannabis for the residents in the city of San Diego.

Now it’s your turn to support with your courage to stand up for Alvarez against this type of racist politricking by demanding The Lincoln Club have the courage to apologize and put an end to this shameful attack!

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