District Attorney LaTouche Receives Benchslap for Prosecutorial Misconduct.

UPDATE on Ernest Knight Medical Marijuana Case in San Diego

By Will Wynn

On April 11th District Attorney Deborah LaTouche appearing before Judge Danielsen, People vs. Knight/Ozolite, stated in a formal declaration to the court that Mr. Knight’s attorney Nathan Shaman had submitted ‘nothing’ to her for discovery; when in fact he had presented her with over 200 pages.

The following day Judge Danielsen admonished Ms. LaTouche for making false representations to the court and “Wasting money on a case that the State did not have”, he further stated that he was seriously considering imposing monetary sanctions against her. Though she tried to hide it, the timbre of her voice was sullen, the confidence and swagger she had displayed earlier, was conspicuously absent.

This is not the first time LaTouche has lied to a judge, she has a pattern of prosecutorial misconduct and disrespectful behavior. Apparently Ms. LaTouche feels the need to resort to such disingenuous and unethical conduct because she has little or no confidence in her own ability to prosecute a case based solely upon the merits of the evidence.

Next trial date is scheduled for Aug 4th, should be ample time for her to remove her tail from between her legs. Happy 4-20

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