Protest against HARM MMJ Eradication Seminar

By Eugene Davidovich

On Thursday November 12, 2009, HARM (Health Advocates Rejecting Marijuana) held a “Marijuana Dispensaries: Legal Issues Seminar”. At the Carmel Valley Community Center. In attendance were law enforcement agencies, cities’ attorneys, and staff.

Although the flier sent out by HARM advertised that anyone who cares about the issue was welcome to attend, all community members who tried to RSVP for the event were turned down.

The seminar, held under the guise of “education”, was intended to teach cities and law enforcement agencies what loop holes exist in the law that they can exploit and what some other counties have done to ban ‘dispensaries’ outright.

Although the City of San Diego has created a task force to provide clarification on regulating medical cannabis dispensing collectives and cooperatives, HARM instead of working with City Council, or providing support for the recovery community as the funds they use are intended for, is spending taxpayers’ money on a seminar where they teach county and city employees on how to undermine Proposition 215.

The community did not appreciate this propagandist, misinformation seminar, nor the misappropriation of our taxpayers dollars that went to pay for law enforcement, city attorney’s and their staff to attend the event. Outside several dozen protesters gathered with signs to protest. They chanted, marched and sent a strong message that this will not be tolerated in San Diego.

Local Media was there to cover the protest:

The war on Medical Marijuana in San Diego has implication across the state and groups such as HARM understand that. This is why San Diego ASA and others in the San Diego community will continue to speak out.

Aside from the propaganda campaign, the struggle is being fought in the San Diego Courts.

Today, Friday 13, 2009, Jovan Jackson a Navy Veteran and respected member of the San Diego community was due in court to begin trial. Proceedings today lasted under an hour and included Chris Linbergh from the San Diego District Attorney’s office asking the judge for more time to prepare. The defense was ready to go and although the judge officially denied the prosecution’s request, the proceedings were continued to Monday November, 16 at 9am in Department 11.

Jovan is a victim of Bonnie Dumanis’ Operation Green Rx and is being charged as part of the Green Rx raids of August 2008, and September 9, 2009.

The communities support is critical as Jovan and others begin their trial process. Please show your support by attending the hearing on Monday, as Jovan prepares to fight for the right which was given to us thirteen years ago.

Jovan Jackson – Trial
Department 11
San Diego Superior Court
220 W Broadway San Diego, CA 92101

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