Jovan Jackson Trial TODAY 3pm – Dpt. 33

This afternoon Jovan Jackson a legitimate medical cannabis patient, navy veteran, and member of a local collective under attack by the San Diego DA’s office is going to trial. Trial has been set to start in Department 33 today at 3:00pm at the San Diego Superior Court.
Jovan is one of the victim’s of District Attorney Dumanis’ “fierce fight” against medical cannabis.

The San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis does not respect this freedom or the will of California voters who passed the Compassionate Use Act thirteen years ago as demonstrated by her “fierce fight” against medical cannabis also known as Operation Green Rx.

Although Chris Linbergh the prosecutor fought hard not to reveal this information, the news nonetheless came out today. A Deputy District Attorney with Bonnie Dumanis’ office was found to be a legitimate medical cannabis patient who was a member of Jovan’s collective. This deputy was not in any undercover capacity, he was simply a patient obtaining medication legally from the collective. This Deputy DA will be on the stand to testify during trial and his name will be released later this afternoon.

Today, we are closer then we have ever been to the freedom that all of us value, the freedom to use marijuana as medicine however this freedom is currently under attack.

Please come out and support Jovan as he helps fight to protect this freedom that over 40,000 medical cannabis patients in San Diego alone value so much.

San Diego Superior Court – Department 33 – 3pm TODAY
220 W. Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

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