Protest Against HARM’s Medical Marijuana Eradication Seminar TODAY @ 2PM – 4PM

Peaceful Protest / Rally – TODAY -November 12, 2009 – 2pm-4pm
Carmel Valley Community Center
3777 Townsgate Drive, San Diego 92130

HARM’s Medical Marijuana Eradication Seminar

HARM is a local San Diego County funded group whose goal is to decrease the accessibility of medical marijuana. This part of their mission should outrage any citizen who values their vote and believes in safe access for patients.

HARM is comprised of members of the North Coastal Prevention Coalition and the San Dieguito Alliance and is funded by our county tax dollars, dedicated to preventing the “normalization” of marijuana. They intend to reach this goal by spreading lies and propaganda about marijuana in general, and the eradication of all legitimate uses of this plant is instrumental in their campaign.

HARM claims that over 200 municipalities have successfully banned medical cannabis. They are bringing Martin J Mayer, general counsel to the California Police Chiefs and Sheriff’s associations, in to advise the public and policymakers on doing the same in our community.

The community at large does not support this misuse of county funds. The continued subversion of state law, misinformation / propaganda, and the bias driven harassment, prosecution, and intimidation of patients must stop.

Today there are expected close to fifty people protesting this effort to subvert state law and spread propaganda throughout our community.

When: Thursday, November 12

Where: Carmel Valley Community Center

3777 Townsgate Drive, San Diego 92130

Directions: I-5 to Del Mar Heights Road (East);

South on El Camino Real; East on Townsgate Drive

For questions please contact:
Eugene Davidovich, San Diego Americans for Safe Access

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