San Diego Planning Comission – MMJ Issue Not Heard

By Eugene Davidovich

Today on the agenda for the San Diego Planning Commission, the determination for zoning of a medical marijuana cooperative was to be discussed. New Earth Beginnings a local non profit cooperative had applied and paid the required $5,010.00 to have the commission examine the issue.

The official agenda item read as follows:

City Council District: All Plan Area: Citywide
Staff: Richard Rhoads
Issue – To obtain a Planning Commission determination regarding the appropriate zoning use category and subcategory for medical marijuana cooperatives and collectives per LDC 131.0110 (b).
Does the LDC currently contain an appropriate Use Category for medical marijuana cooperatives and collectives?
If so, what use category and subcategory should be used?

Process 4. Approve or deny the project

Deny the project

It was clear before the item was heard by the planning commission that the request was going to be denied. The reasons for the denial were not clear. According to New Earth Beginning the only contact that was made with them by the planning commission was one a breif call a few days ago to verify to correct mailing address.

The applicant decided to withdraw the application prior to the discussion and recommendation, and the issue was taken off the agenda and not heard by the planning commission.

Alex Kreit and Stephen Whitburn of the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force were both present for information gathering purposes.

Rudy Reyes, Wendy Kristakes, as well as other concerned citizens and members of San Diego Americans for Safe Access turned out to support New Earth in their application process. John Lamb of San Diego CityBeat was also there to cover the event.

Although the hearing did not occur, the discussion that took place outside the council chamber doors among the supporters, New Earth Beginning, and the task force members was one of collaboration, unity, and support.

Everyone agrees that San Diego does not need resource-draining, bias driven prosecutions, continued harassment and intimidation of patients, and the misrepresentation of the actual law by out District Attorney and a select few in our leadership.

It is clear that we need patient oriented, sensible, and legal regulations that allow for safe access to the medicine that so many patients in our community rely on.

Tomorrow at 9am the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force will meet for the fifth and final time this year to discuss Zoning issues.

Come out, get involved, and let your recommendation and voices be heard.
11/6/2009 – 9am – Conference Room A – 202 C St. 12th Floor San Diego, CA 92101

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