Healing our Community

It is clear that we have elements in San Diego at the moment that did not start here, they are from out of town and here to make this issue a vehicle for their own purposes. We, San Diegans, really need to listen to what is being said. For instance, do we really need to be informed by the repeated issuing of the same warnings/advertisement for services that an attorney in LA was roundly chastised for since it was believed to be a scam frightening people into “lawyering up”? Or do we need out of town representatives going from collective to collective impugning the legitimacy or credibility of those that have worked in San Diego for change since the beginning? The answer is NO, we do need to listen to each other and not allow the seeds of dissension to be sown in our own back yard.

I am reminded of my studies of white rats when I did my work to become a psychotherapist. What I found is that when too many white rats were put in a cage they started biting each other, eventually killing and eating one another. Problem was that with the addition of even a single rat, it would increase the stress level passed the threshold of civility and the carnage would begin. Those that had lived together in harmony, and even helped one another, turned on each other with an unreasoning violence.

We have not reached that point in our own community, but it is clear that some are feeling the stress of continued oppression, and in some cases, impending Court cases where they can lose their freedom. We cannot allow that stress to create an implosion eliminating any chance we have of success or to impact the present risk to their freedom.

I would humbly suggest that if you hear anyone speaking ill of any of our peaceful warriors that you consider the source. In addition please consider, any attempt to diminish the strength of any of our warriors will diminish our own chances for free and safe access.

Since my return I have heard disturbing rumors about Eugene, Donna and Terrie. Three of the most courageous of our warriors. We cannot afford this kind of division. Any effort to support that kind of division damages us all in the most serious of ways. I am as always willing to meet with old friends and discuss the differences that may develop, but we cannot, and must not, divide ourselves from each other and the support we all need to continue forward.

Today in San Diego we have an opportunity to reach far beyond everyone’s expectations. WE can make it happen here if we do not destroy ourselves in the process. ASA remains the voice for patients and collectives, it speaks for no one else and has no other agenda.

Larry Sweet
Patient Member
San Diego City Council Medical Marijuana Taskforce

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