By: Marcus Boyd, San Diego ASA

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If you listen to the misinformation by medical marijuana prohibitionists like San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis you would believe that the law surrounding medical marijuana is vague and confusing.

However, consider this going forward…
The California Constitution requires that any changes to a voter initiative must be submitted to the voters of the state and approved by them or by appellate and supreme court decisions.

Thus, no local City Council, nor Mayor, nor Board of Supervisors, nor Sheriff, nor Legislature, nor Attorney General, nor Governor, nor San Diego County District Attorney has the legal right to change the state’s medical marijuana law. Only the voters can change or modify this law, and… every public opinion poll ever taken agrees with Prop 215 and disagrees with the prohibitionists using the terms vague and confusing.

The law is not at all vague or confusing! The law is legal and binding.

The prohibitionists are unable to ‘convict’ a medical marijuana patient for possessing, transporting or consuming medical marijuana, or even for selling in California if done so within the framework of a medical marijuana collective or cooperative.

With that said, the law is only “confusing” to those who can’t figure out why they don’t have a ‘vague’ chance at convicting someone due to law they personally object to, didn’t vote for, and will not support.

The US Supreme Court has had three opportunities to declare the Compassionate Use Act unconstitutional yet they have not only refused to do so their legal decisions have clearly upheld that the People of California had every right to pass and enforce the CUA as a state law.

As far as courts go, the California law is really only vague and confusing to the federal court.
Defendants like James Stacey really do need your help today.
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