Raid Victim Received Approval for Return of Property

September 9, 2009 – Operation Green Rx victim Sebastian Maselli receives order for Return of Property!

Sebastian Maselli was a founding member of Healing Dragon Collective which was raided on September 9, 2009 part of Bonnie Dumanis’ effort to eradicate safe access to medical marijuana in San Diego County. He was arrested, property seized, and life dismantled.

Four months after the raid, and with no charges filed against him, Sebastian decided to begin the fight to get his property back. Sebastian researched the ASA National website where he found a return of property motion, after a little encouragement and help from friends and family, Sebastian completed it and submitted it to the court.

San Diego ASA caught up with Sebastian to discuss what happened on 9/9/9 as well as other issues related to the raids in September.

Tonight Sebastian wrote San Diego ASA: “I am happy to report that my motion was granted by the judge! I have a piece of paper stating: “All property belonging to “defendant” to be returned by 02/08/10”

Eugene Davidovich

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