Report on San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force – 2/5/2010

By Larry Sweet

The MMTF today considered the ramifications of the Kelly decision. It became clear that the local limits to possession and plants needed to be reviewed. A sub-committee was formed and four MMTF members will go over the current ordinances and bring back recommendations to the group in two weeks.

The issue of auditing and sufficient declaration of non-profit status was discussed at length. No firm conclusions were formed and the item was continued till the next meeting. I constructed a statement of intent to operate as non-profit that described the distribution system in a collective. The other members are reviewing it so we can address it next meeting. The statement is as follows:

“It is expected that all Collective Members are potentially Growers and can grow for themselves as they are able or as they choose. Collective Members are expected to bring the excess medical marijuana from their own personal grows to the Collective where they may be compensated by cash or trade in kind. Certain Collective Members choose that their sole support to the cooperative effort will be to contribute their time and expertise in growing medical marijuana for the Collective. Growers are compensated for their time and expenses in growing for the collective when the harvest is brought to the Dispensary. Other members may participate in the cooperative cultivation of the medical marijuana, however the Growers are responsible and compensated by the Collective accordingly. The Dispensary then packages and determines a fair cash transaction amount to be paid by other Members of the Collective as their contribution to the cultivation of the medicine. Members may offer labor at any point in the cultivation cycle as their skills and choices allow and as opportunity permits.

Additional cash as may accrue over time to the Collective may be used to obtain and maintain properties and equipment as the Collective’s needs dictate. That cash may also be donated to charities selected by the Collective Board.”

I am very optimistic about the direction the MMTF is taking. It appears that the entire group is on task and ready to get some regulations going. We will be continuing the non-profit declaration issue as well as revisiting some concerns we have with security.
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