Judge Shore Denies Medical Marijuana Defense in State Court for Jovan Jackson Second MMJ Trial

A travesty occurred in San Diego today, Jovan Jackson a US Navy Veteran and medical marijuana patient was denied a medical marijuana defense in State Court.

After the decision came this morning, Steve Walters, Dumanis’ #1, celebrated the Judge’s decision with high fives and congratulatory hugs to Linbergh and the other DA’s gathered in the courtroom to witness the Judge’s decision.

According to Judge Shore, all 1600 members of the Answerdam collective would have had to participate in the cultivation of marijuana. The Judge maintains that sales of marijuana are not legal and that dispensaries are not legal. The only thing legal according to the DA and Judge Shore, is a community garden, where all members associate only for the purposes of cultivation.

Lance Rogers, Jovan Jackson’s attorney said after the hearing that today’s decision will be appealed.

Jovan Jackson is due back in court on September 8th at 9am.

More information coming soon..

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