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volunteersneededby: Marcys Boyd, Imperial Beach Americans for Safe Access

To put the needs of sick and dying patients ahead of politics in Imperial Beach, we need people committed to reform in our local community.

Medical marijuana is an important local compassionate use issue, an issue that local officials have attempted to govern using a ridiculous, county sponsored, ‘Smear with Fear’ and ‘Reefer Madness’ campaign. Instead of listening to the community’s outcry for compassion and consideration for the health, safety and welfare of the city’s most vulnerable residents, the City has banned safe access to medical marijuana in Imperial Beach.

During the two year long, local political process that led up to the ban, we witnessed local politicians relying on misinformation and personal prejudices to deny local residents safe access to medical marijuana. They used our local zoning laws to ban patients from associating in Imperial Beach, a right patients are entitled to by the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. In addition, the City Council offered a deaf ear to the Civil Grand Jury recommendations which called for reasonable regulations as well as the overwhelming community input in support of safe access on this issue.

Your community needs advocates to get involved with the reform effort today to make a big difference right here in Imperial Beach!

Over the last few months, members of the local chapter of Americans for Safe Access consulted with patients, local residents, prominent legal minds, and members of San Diego City’s Medical Marijuana Task Force to draft the Safe Access Ordinance of Imperial Beach, a ballot measure which if passed, would overturn the draconian laws that were passed last year by the Council, and create a means for patients to safely obtain their physician recommended medicine in their community.

Now is the time for advocates of medical cannabis to work together to reform the status quo which denies sick and dying local residents the rights afforded to them by voters over 16 years ago.

To make real reform possible, we need you to volunteer, donate, gather signatures, stuff envelopes, make calls, offer testimonials, blog, tweet, text and talk about this effort to overturn the ban and reinstate the Compassionate Use Act in Imperial Beach.

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The online excitement and interest pouring in already by email is incredible. Keep spreading the word and building this movement for local reform. While speaking officially at a City Council meeting, Mayor Jim Janney said he’d be interested to know how the residents of Imperial Beach feel about this issue.

Well, here is our chance! Let’s show the Mayor, the Council, our county officials and the federal government all know how Imperial Beach residents feel about this issue!

We’re at the beginning of something remarkable, and you are formally invited to support and join us.
Marcus Boyd – Campaign Manager
Imperial Beach Americans for Safe Access
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P.S. Thank you once again to the over 700 local residents and business owners who, early on in the campaign sent letters to the Imperial Beach City Council in support of safe access in our community and against the ban, we look forward to your continued support, participation, and most importantly your vote in November!

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