San Diego City Council to Discuss Medical Marijuana Oct 1

Thanks to the tenacity of Attorney Hud Collins, the San Diego City Council has placed the issue of medical marijuana on the docket for tomorrow’s council meeting!

hud-collins-300x224[1]To the council, Attorney Collins wrote; “with the announcing of the Department of Justice’s new guidelines announcing a hands’ Off of recreational States’ and Medical Marijuana State approved ; and high suggestion that there be local government plans immediately announced-it is time to put on the docket for a full discussion and a plan (including a local sales tax, to be put before the voters).

A special thank you to Adela Falk of The Human Solution for keeping a watchful eye on the council agenda – and letting SDASA know about the issue making onto the docket in time to attend the meeting.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 1st at 10:00 AM 

WHERE: City Administration Building, 12th Floor 202 “C” St. San Diego.


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