San Diego Union Tribune Endorses Medical Marijuana Urges City Council to Adopt Ordinance Allowing Safe Access

BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Union Tribune endorses medical marijuana and urges San Diego City Council to adopt an ordinance allowing safe access for patients rather then an outright prohibition.

Since 1996 just about every editorial published on the subject by the Union Tribune Editorial Board has been either entirely against medical cannabis or in some way intended to hurt the issue and criticize those advocating for it.

“When the ordinance returns in January, we urge Gloria and the council to strike a fair balance between the needs of real patients with real diseases for which marijuana can be helpful and the needs of neighborhoods to protect their residents, particularly children”. (UT Editorial 9/18)

The endorsement and support for safe access from the Union Tribune Editorial Board came at the end of an opinion piece which first included several jabs at medical marijuana, then applauded the Interim-Mayor’s efforts to eradicate all existing dispensaries in the City of San Diego, and finally showed support for legitimate medical cannabis use.

Times are definitely changing in San Diego!

Eugene Davidovich, Chapter Coordinator

San Diego Americans for Safe Access


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