San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force Meeting Update

By Eugene Davidovich
November 6, 2009 2:15pm

San Diego ASA would like to extend a sincere thank you to each and every one of the task force members for volunteering their time and energy as well as for being patient in hearing out the recommendations and opinions of concerned citizens and patients alike.

Today the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force met for the final time this year. The issues discussed included what zoning category to use, how to verify whether the operation is non profit, and permit renewal and expiration issues. The task force came to an agreement on a recommendation which will be presented to the San Diego City Council.

The recommendation will include a two tiered permitting system, specific hours of operation, sign/lighting requirements, as well a recommended zoning and land use for dispensing collectives and cooperatives.

There were several attempts made by special interest groups to sway the task force away from discussing sensible regulations and focus them on the debate of whether cannabis is medicine, but they were not successful.

Rudy Reyes, Craig Beresh, and many others were on hand to testify to each item as well as give guidance and answer questions posed by the task force members. In fact, the atmosphere in the council chambers was one of unity, solidarity, and collaboration between all the concerned parties.

We as a community sincerely hope that a patient oriented solution that everyone can live with, will be reached through collaboration as demonstrated by the task force, rather than litigation and prosecution as demonstrated by the District Attorney’s Office.

San Diego ASA

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