Operation Endless Summer / Green Rx Grant

As part of San Diego American’s for Safe Access continuing efforts to Stop Operation Green Rx a SD ASA member today presented us with a document, which can be found on the city’s website here: http://docs.sandiego.gov/councildockets_attach/2007/October/10-30-2007%2520Item%2520S106.pdf

This document talks about a $342,590 grant that was used to pay for Operation Green Rx, which Bonnie Dumanis disguised as Operation Endless Summer and announced it was a drug sting to clean up military housing, when in fact the majority of that money was used to target and arrest medical marijuana patients.

The document on page 15 also talks about $8,000 being spent per month on “200 buys @ $40 each – $8,000 per month. This means that our local Narcotics Task Force has $8,000 per month to spend making contributions to our local collectives, while calling it “illegally buying drugs”. The document on the same page goes into detail to explain that $58,000 per year will be spent these buys. This is where Jamie Conlan (Detective Scott Henderson) obtained money from to contribute to my collective and others in November of 2008 in exchange for 7grams of medical cannabis as part of “Operation Green Rx / Endless Summer”

Please read the PDF as it has Enormous amounts of interesting information!

This documents was turned over to the media today in hopes of shedding light and attention on the egregious misappropriation of funds in San Diego as well as the cover up which we know now to be Operation Green Rx.

This afternoon in court my attorney and I had the opportunity to argue in front of the judge a request to open Detective Scott Henderson’s personnel file to see if there was anything relevant from his past that could be used in my case. After the judge approved the request, she went into her chambers and came back with “there is nothing relevant”.

The trial in my case is set for January 21 in Department 11 at 8:30 am. Help Stop Operation Green Rx and the continued harassment and arrest of patients in San Diego, come out to court, come out to the meetings, get involved and help stop this madness.

Eugene Davidovich
San Diego Americans for Safe Access

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