Interview and Update – Federal Medical Marijuana Case – James Stacy

an Diego – The courtroom was packed with James Stacy’s supporters today in San Diego Federal Court, in fact several people had to wait outside of the courtroom as there wasn’t enough seats to accommodate all the supporters. Federal Public Defender Kasha Castillo filed a motion asking for a defense in Mr. Stacy’s case. The judge after hearing a few brief statements from the prosecution, gave the defense more time to file additional information to be included in their motion.

The Judge wanted to see transcripts of the statements made by then Candidate Obama and Eric Holder regarding medical marijuana raids and federal resources being spent on prosecutions as these are what Mr. Stacy is citing as having relied upon in opening the medical marijuana collective.

The Judge today also made a historic statement. In federal court, he acknowledged that there was no way for the Jury not to hear that Mr. Stacy was operating a medical marijuana facility. It seems that Mr. Stacy may not get to present an actually medical defense, but the truth in his trial, very well may be told.

The trial is currently set for July 12, 2010

The next hearing in Mr. Stacy’s case is June 9, 2010 at 10:30 in Courtroom 15 – 940 Front St. San Diego CA – Please mark your calendars and come out to support James as he fights for our rights in Federal Court.

Read the press release that Americans for Safe Access issued about James Stacy’s case:

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