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I frequently hear the complaint from the prohibitionist that “MMJ patients appear to be healthy, therefore they are exploiting a law intended to provide solace to the terminally ill.”

Well, forget the argument that this is a testament to the effectiveness of our medication as it will be ignored. Don’t even try to remind them that not all ailments have physical manifestations as they will scoff a “likely story”. But what I have noticed will at least get them to blink is by pointing out those disabled, bedridden or house bound patients whose quality of life and severity of pain change drastically when allowed safe access to MMJ.

These are the voices that need to be heard. Everyone can make a difference. Even if you cannot make it to the events, you can write about you experiences. If your disabilities limit your ability to sit or work on your computer then I can help design a workspace to accommodate your challenges.

I have mounted monitors on ceilings and 5 foot boom arms so you can work while reclined. Alternative pointing devices and touch screens. Today’s computers are powerful enough to support voice recognition and speech to text/text to speech capabilities.

That’s right Scotty “Computer, open web browser. Open website San Diego ASA” and poof the site is displayed on the LCD mounted to accommodate your posture (not the other way around) and you are learning your rights, keeping informed and getting involved. Despite your disabilities.

So if you are in San Diego and anything I have said could help you or a loved one then consider me, Dan Murphy aka Dannabis Ruderalis of Computer Connections to assist you.

If you are outside of San Diego then print this note and take it to your local chapter and ask for assistance finding a compassionate geek.

Dan Murphy
Dannabis Ruderalis

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