Patients Send Strong Message to City Council on Dispensary Ordinance – Planning Commission Meeting

By: Eugene Davidovich, San Diego ASA

The proposed ordinance that would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of San Diego is now one step closer to a full city council vote. On Thursday January 20th, the San Diego Planning Commission voted to approve recommendations to further restrict access in the city of San Diego.

By a vote of 3 to 2 the commission recommended that the city council add Colleges and Universities to the list of sensitive uses and that the Conditional Use Permit be a process 4. The restrictive recommendations were also accompanied one promising recommendation which was that existing locations have 6 months to come into compliance with the proposed ordinance.

The discussion and vote took well over four hours on Thursday and included testimony from concerned citizens, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement and land use experts all pleading with the commission for less restrictive recommendations.

To see the public testimony as well as the vote and discussion on this issue by the planning commission click here:

The San Diego Medical Marijuana community did an amazing job on Thursday in sending a strong message to the City Council that the ordinance they are working simply does not reflect the wishes and needs of the San Diego Community.

Unfortunately, on Thursday, against the protests of dozens of people as well as the Chair of the Planning Commission, three bias driven individuals were able to advance their prohibitionist agenda, and recommended more restrictions rather than a reasonable ordinance that allows for at least a few dispensaries in the City.

The City Council is expected to take up the recommendations as well as the proposed ordinance in the next couple months. Let’s hope the Council will see through the hate of a few and vote for the interest of many.

As one of the speakers from the community said, “Council members, think before you vote”!

Further Information:

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