Action Alert: Urge San Diego Mayor to Amend Ordinances Restricting Dispensing Centers and Patient Rights!

atients, Friends, and Activists–

On March 28th, the San Diego City Council passed an ordinance that will effectively zone out all currently operating collectives in the city taking access to medical cannabis away from over 50,000 patients.

Those facilities that wish to comply with the new rules must apply for a Conditional Use Permit Process 3 and find a location only in a limited number of far flung industrial areas of the City that are 600 feet away from schools, churches, parks, child care facilities, youth service facilities, libraries, playgrounds, and other collectives.

The new ordinance did not address any compliance period for existing locations and zoned access out of the areas of the city containing the highest patient populations. The City Council gave the mayor 30 days to come up with a price tag for the new permits as well as to propose a enforcement and regulatory structure after which the City Council will meet again to vote for a second time to approve the ordinance.

Send an Email to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders asking him to amend the current ordinance and approve one that takes into account both patients needs and the needs of our community.

Also, Take the time to call Mayor Sanders at (619) 236 6330, and use the sample script below:
“Mayor Sanders:

I am outraged at the San Diego City Council’s vote on the medical marijuana dispensary ordinance and the impact it will have on the community in San Diego.

Medical marijuana patients and providers should not be zoned out of the City into far flung industrial areas and forced to go through an overly restrictive compliance process.

I strongly urge you to amend the ordinance with the following:
1. Create a 2 year compliance period for collectives currently in operation.
2. Add all Commercial and Industrial areas back in to the list of allowed zones.
3. Reduce the proximity restriction to 600 feet away from schools as the only sensitivity use.
4. Reduce Process 3 to Process 1 “By Right”, the same land use requirements imposed on pharmacies in the City of San Diego.

Thank you for your time.”

Also, join us for an Emergency Patient Community Meeting on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 from 7p-9p at the La Jolla Brew House, 7536 Fay Ave, San Diego, CA.

Any questions? Contact Eugene Davidovich at
Thank you.
Americans for Safe Access

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