San Diego Rally Against Federal Interference

392_3438898014285_1064853087_nJoin patients, medical professionals, lawyers, advocates, and concerned citizens for a rally at the San Diego Federal Courthouse on Monday, May 6th at 12pm (Noon), against the continued federal interference with our state’s medical marijuana program.

Over the last few weeks San Diego has seen targeted attacks against the medical marijuana community led by the DEA and federal prosecutor Laura Duffy. Together, they have commandeered our local and state cops to enforce federal law and eradicate all access to medical marijuana in the County.

One day after the San Diego City Council unanimously voted to move forward with regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries, the DEA began executing swat style raids on dispensaries, delivery services, and gardening stores in San Diego.

Those patients who choose to defend themselves in court and stand up against the trumped up charges are incarcerated for months prior to trial, prevented from presenting a defense in court, and gagged from speaking about their cases to the media and public as in the case of Ronnie Chang.

Please join us on Monday to send a strong message to Laura Duffy’s office and the federal courts that the community will not silently sit by while patient’s rights and the will of the people is being trampled upon.

WHAT: San Diego Rally Against Federal Interference
WHEN: Monday, May 6, 2013 – 12 pm – 1 pm
WHERE: Federal Court House – 880 Front St. San Diego, CA

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