PSNS meeting TODAY 4/28 – 2pm – 202 C St – 12th Floor

Today the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee of the City of San Diego will meet to take action on the Medical Marijuana Recommendations proposed by the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force (MMTF). Alex Kreit (Law Professor and Chair of the MMTF) will be presenting the final report to the committee as part of agenda item 10.

If you are interested in sensible regulations for medical marijuana patients and collectives in San Diego, then please come out today for the Committee meeting and support the recommendations of the San Diego’s MMTF. History is being made every day in San Diego, don’t just idly sit by and government make decisions for you, bring a friend, bring family, and the desire to make a change in San Diego and lets show the City Council and this committee that we want safe, sensible, and constitutional regulations, ones that the MMTF is proposing. Not the proposed unconstitutional ordinance the the County has put out there.

The work the city is doing is critical to thousands of patients in San Diego and your presence and participation are critical!

Get Involved! Get Active, Make a difference!


Eugene Davidovich
San Diego Americans for Safe

Get Involved, get active, make a difference!
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