COURT SUPPORT – TODAY 7/23 – 8:30pm – Dpt 23

icon_jurors***UPDATE*** Laura and Tim’s Preliminary hearing will continue this morning at 8:30am in Dpt. 23 (Judge Brown) These legitimate patients are being dragged through court because of Dumanis’ fierce fight against patients and her continued attempt to subvert state law. When will these frivolous prosecutions end? What will it take for Dumanis to stop persecuting legitimate patients?

Marijuana is not just medicine in states that have Medical Marijuana laws. Medical marijuana patients are getting arrested, going to trial, and going to jail all over the country. As advocates, it is our job to highlight these injustices both in state and federal courts.

Federal laws make it difficult for patients and caregivers to speak out about medical marijuana because of fear of harassment, arrest, and imprisonment. That is why supporting someone whose use is already in the public eye is a good way to bring this crisis to our community’s attention.

Hundreds of Californian medical marijuana patients went to jail before the law changed in 1996. Several of these patients and caregivers stood up in the public eye and pointed out the injustices facing them, which helped define medical marijuana’s place in California politics. (Courtesy of ASA)

Your support is needed in court today at 1:15pm in Department 11 for two Legitimate medical marijuana patients (Laura and Tim from Encinitas) that are being victimized by the bias driven Bonnie Dumanis prosecutorial machine for attemting to cultivate their own medicine in their own home.

WHAT: Court Support for Laura and Tim
WHEN: Today – July 22, 2010 – 1:15pm
WHERE: San Diego Superior Court – 220 W. Broadway, San Diego CA 92101 – Department 11

Eugene Davidovich
T: 619-621-8446
San Diego Americans for Safe Access

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