Support SJR 14 to Help Change Federal Law!

icon_californiaThe California State Assembly will soon vote on SJR 14, a resolution sponsored by Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) calling for an end to federal interference in state medical cannabis laws and for the development of a comprehensive national policy to provide safe access. This resolution is important because the Obama Administration’s policy on medical cannabis is still evolving. SJR 14 will make it clear that the California legislature supports a more compassionate and reasonable federal policy.

Please take a moment to contact your representative in the California Assembly and ask him or her to vote yes on SJR 14. You can find out who your representative is by visiting or calling (916) 319-2856. Please do this today. The vote could come at any time!

SJR 14 calls for (1) an end federal raids, intimidation, and interference with state medical cannabis laws, (2) policies and laws to encourage advanced clinical research trials into the therapeutic use of cannabis, (3) an affirmative defense to medical cannabis charges in federal court, and (4) a comprehensive federal medical cannabis policy that ensures safe and legal access for patients.

When approved by the California Assembly, SJR 14 will become an important part of ASA’s national campaign to protect patients’ rights and change federal medical cannabis law. This is important right now. Federal raids have slowed under the Obama Administration, but they have not stopped all together. Federal interference and intimidation are still very real, and outdated federal policies block scientific research into medical cannabis.

On August 24, 2009, the California Senate passed SJR 14 by a vote of 23-15.

We have only a short time to get this resolution adopted this year. Please visit our online action center today to urge your California state senator to support support Senator Leno’s SJR 14.

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