BREAKING NEWS: Update on Jury Deliberations

This morning the jury in Jovan Jackson’s second medical marijuana trial began their first full day of deliberations. With the day only being half way over, several interesting issues have already occurred during deliberations today.

First, we found out that one of the Jurors had come down with the flu. Juror #4 could no longer continue deliberations and requested to be dismissed from the case. Both the defense and prosecution agreed and replaced Juror#4 with an alternate.

Aside from one of the Jurors being replaced, today the remaining deliberating jurors requested to see transcripts from the testimony of the security guard who was working at Answerdam and had a personal connection with the undercover officer making the buy. One can only wonder what the Juror’s are thinking.

SUMMARY OF SECURIGTY GUARDS TESTIMONY from “Did Jackson Break the Law?” article published on 9/23/2010:
The only worthy and relevant part of that day, was when the security guard who was hired by Answerdam to watch over the facility and deter burglaries, got on the stand. His testimony was shocking. He revealed that when the undercover officer arrived at Answerdam during one of the buys, he recognized him. Not only did he know that this man was an undercover narcotics officer, but he also turned out to be a long time friend of the security guard. The security guard went on to say that he did not stop the undercover or say anything to anyone at the facility until the undercover left. After the detective was nowhere to be seen, the security guard told the other members inside, of the police visit, called Jackson, asked to urgently meet him, and quit on the spot.

Aside from telling this shocking story of a personal connection with the undercover officer who legally bought medicine at Answerdam, the security guard also testified that only qualified patients and members were allowed into the collective and that his job specifically was to act as an additional layer of security and to check members paperwork outside the facility before even letting them into the dispensary.

Many thousands of concerned citizens and patients across the state and nation are carefully watching this case and believe that future raids and prosecutions of medical marijuana dispensaries and patients in San Diego could very well rest on the decisions these jurors make.

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