Stop The Ban on Medical Marijuana in San Diego

The number of letters collected and organizations participating in the campaign to Stop The Ban has resulted in the biggest effort ever organized in the city on the medical marijuana issue! If the council passes this ban it will be over the most unprecedented public outcry on any issue that the city has ever seen.




American Medical Marijuana Association
A New PATH –
Americans for Safe Access (ASA) –
Association of Clinical Dispensaries (ACD)
California Council of Churches –
California NORML –
Canvass for a Cause –
Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) –
Green Freedom Law Group –
Ideal Choice Insurance
Kim Twolan – San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force (MMTF)
Larry Sweet – San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force (MMTF)
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) –
Law Offices of Kimberly R. Simms –
Legal Cannabis Institute (LCI) –
Mothers Against Prohibition
NUG Magazine –
San Diego County Community Coalition –
San Diego Renters Union –
Students for Sensible Drug Policy – SSDP –
The Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative –
Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access –

And many others!

Join The Coalition:
Is your organization interested in endorsing the campaign? Contact:
Help the Campaign:
Want to volunteer with the “Stop the Ban” campaign? There are thousands of AIDS, Cancer, MS, cerebal palsy, PTSD, and other patients who are counting on us. Veterans, fathers, mothers, professionals, all need our help. Visit:


Campaign Organizers:
Ben Cisneros, Rachel Scoma, Eugene Davidovich
Campaign Headquarters:
Stop The Ban Campaign
Canvass for a Cause
3705 10th Ave
San Diego CA 92103

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