Dispensary Press Conference – One on One Patients Association

Last week, the Narcotic Task Force headed by the DEA conducted a raid on ‘One on One Patients Association’, a legal medical marijuana dispensary in Downtown San Diego. Tomorrow at 11am, please join the directors, members, and concerned citizens for a press conference about the raid and related outrageous acts by the DEA.

Kenneth Cole, President of United Patients’ Alliance and President of the just-raided One on One Patients Association will conduct a full press conference at One on One, 923 6th Avenue San Diego (Gaslamp) at 11am on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013. Please come down and show your support!

The press conference will include:

•         A guided tour of One on One Patients’ Association – still in its original state following the raid.
•         Information on why the American Medical Association must get involved.
•         Information on why Veterans’ Affairs should be involved.
•         Information on how San Diego City could sue the Federal Government for breach of authority.
•         Questions regarding whether select city officials may have had prior knowledge of the raid
•         What protection should simple employees and volunteers have against draconian police action?
•         Why the City of San Diego MUST pass fair legislation.
•         How having a regulated market keeps cartels out of San Diego.
•         The massive benefits to patients’ quality of life.
•         The financial future of California medical marijuana – the second California gold rush.
Ken’s Case
•         We intend to challenge the Federal Authorities’ statement that if you are operating in accordance with State law, they would not intervene.
•         Our challenge to the Federal government will be that One on One PA has acted totally within all requirements of California law and that if they are able to close One on One PA then it constitutes a complete ban.
•         We want them to admit this is an all out ban or explain why they are not following on the statements of the President of the United States and his Attorney General.
This needs to be challenged once and for all!

Ken will be represented at the press conference by an outstanding group of lawyers who will be available to answer questions on legally defending One on One Patients’ Association and the medical marijuana community in general.


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