Jury Selection Completed in Micah Wojnowski Case

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May 26, 2016



Terrie Best – SDASA

San Diego, CA – Father and medical cannabis patient Micah Wojnowski was in court today to fight off charges of child endangerment and manufacturing of hash oil after a Team 9 NTF raid on his home in June of last year. After a full day of jury selection we have a seated jury and Micah’s unfair and frightening trial will be underway tomorrow. Citizens are not always allowed in the courtroom during jury selection due to seating shortages but we were offered a rare view of the process today.  I have often said that prohibition will truly be over when the last backward prosecutor in the last dusty town is unable to seat a jury of 12 that is willing to convict on a cannabis case.  I feel we got a little closer to that goal today.

During jury selection, also known as voir dire, potential jurors are seated and asked a series of questions designed to ferret out hidden biases that will render a juror “unfair and impartial.”  Many times I’ve heard statements that make me wish for less than honest answers, such as “my father used cannabis during chemo” or “I work in a medical cannabis club and believe in the healing properties.” These answers are like stones being hurled at the ugly wall of prohibition and when they are heard in a court of law they make me proud. When prosecutors hear these words uttered, they know they are doomed. When activists hear them, they know they are winning.

Rarely have I felt so proud of our work when today a potential juror disclosed to the judge and everybody in the room that he is a member of Americans for Safe Access and further, he and his wife are cancer research scientists.  Predictably, the prosecutor dismissed this juror as is his right in the voir dire process. But, just knowing the other jurors heard his statements was priceless to me.  I will miss our ASA scientist on the jury panel. He accepted my card after he was dismissed and has since reached out to say thanks for the work our chapter does and asked how he can help! I wish I could ask him to provide cannabis efficacy training for NTF Team 9.

There are now 12 jurors and 2 alternates sworn in.  The judge, Timothy Walsh will resume the case for 3 hours tomorrow and then we begin again on Tuesday, May 31st.

 Micah is a gentle soul with a big heart. He needs our help.  Standing up to child endangerment charges over your status as a patient is horrifying. Please come to court support for Micah.

For a full day of proceedings: May 31st, 9:00AM,  Dept. 38, 220 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92102. Trial is expected to continue through Wednesday June 1st.Please watch the SDASA Facebook page for updates.

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