Bonnie Dumanis Raided a Collective and All She Got Was a Crappy Hot Plate

Mazula 2April 29, 2016

By Terrie Best – San Diego Americans For Safe Access

San Diego, CA – John Mazula – the medical cannabis patient who enjoyed a bit of local fame when his attorney Mike Cindrich argued and won his medical cannabis case with a 10 minute verdict – was back in court today, this time to convince a judge to order the DA to return the property taken during the raid of John’s home and collective. The raid led to John’s arrest, the confiscation of property and a two year nightmare for John and his family. Today he answered back with a plea to get his belongings back after his acquittal. He was met with childish opposition over a kitchen appliance.

Confiscated was a list of over 50 items ranging from growing equipment to medical cannabis.  After exoneration it should have been a matter of morality to return John’s property.   But, in a display of irresponsible vindictiveness the wacky DA’s office felt justified in contesting the return of an old electric hot plate. It was not clear why Bonnie Dumanis wanted to keep the collective’s hot plate but the prosecutor insisted it was not John’s property, it belonged to the collective and he cold not have it.

Neither John nor his attorney were overly concerned about getting custody of the hot plate so he let Bonnie keep it, presumably as a souvenir of her failed attempt at persecuting him.  It should be noted, John’s smile was big and bright. There was no evidence of penitent reflection there.

When John appeared in court with attorney Anthony Bettencourt and the list of his property, he hoped to conclude his tour of the criminal justice system. The DA’s office had other ideas.  The prosecution, presumably enjoying the struggle, threw down the gauntlet over the hot plate. However, she got no resistance from John who was intent to focus his efforts on property of actual value.

The return of property motion was heard before John’s trial judge, Lantz Lewis in Dept. 11 of the El Cajon courthouse.  Judge Lewis signed the order of return and John will be picking up a truck load of his property from the Sherriff’s department in the near future. It is unclear if Bonnie will show up to retrieve her hot plate.

John’s struggle ended the day a jury deliberated for ten minutes and returned a not guilty verdict just in time for happy hour.  It was a huge loss for Dumanis and cheers rang out from as far away as Germany as news posts of the ten minute victory were shared and re-shared over the Internet.

Although Dumanis lost badly, nobody expected her to get sideways over a hot plate.  She has truly outdone herself and surprised even me, though I do admit I haven’t seen this spectacular hot plate yet.

NotDumanisLogoNone of this is funny. Dumanis is out of control.  A ten minute acquittal should have brought contrition and regret and it would have if Dumanis truly represented citizens. But, she does not speak for the people. She represents thievery, persecution and bully tactics. The time is ripe to aggressively oppose politicians who continue to provide shelter to bullies.

Join the movement of opposition and watch San Diego ASA’s Facebook page for ways to get involved.

We offer a resounding thank you to medical cannabis defendants who do not take pleas.



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