Jovan Jackson Trial UPDATE – Day 1

By: Eugene Davidovich

Today at 3pm the trial of Jovan Jackson began in Department 33. The preceedings started with a closed discussion in the judges chambers with Lance Rogers, Mr. Jackson’s attorney and Chris Linbergh the prosecutor.

When the judge returned to the bench, she mentioned that the motions both sides intended to file deserve a thorough read through which would require for the trial to continue tomorrow morning. Both sides agreed and are expected to return tomorrow to Department 33 at 8:30am.

Tomorrow morning one of the motions the prosecution intends to file will be an attempt to bar Mr. Jackson from presenting the fact that he is a medical marijuana patient to the jury, which is a clear subversion of state law.

If prosecutors as standard trial procedure are allowed to bar the medical marijuana defense for legitimate patients and taint the jury by not allowing them to hear the truth, then what kind of justice is this? Must be some kind of twisted ‘Dumanis’ Justice.

Please support Jovan as he fights for our rights. Safe access is under attack in San Diego.

Help stop Operation Green Rx and these bias driven prosecutions. Your support and presence in the courtroom is needed and will help send a clear message to the Judge and Prosecution that the San Diego community will not tolerate this waste of tax payers dollars and the continued subversion of state law by a select bias driven few.

Court Begins at 8:30 Department 33
San Diego Superior Court

220 W Broadway San Diego, CA 92101

Channel 10 Coverage from today’s court date: Deputy DA May be Defense Witncess In Medical Cannabis Trial

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