Bonnie Dumanis Shutters Facebook Campaign Page – Considering Dropping out of Mayoral Race

158080_129674723757629_6701451_nSan Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis mayoral bid may be coming to an end as Dumanis for Mayor Facebook is shut down.

San Diego – In the beginning of March the Not Dumanis Campaign was launched in response to Bonnie Dumanis announcing her bid for San Diego Mayor, the same time the Dumanis campaign created their official Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor Facebook page.

Throughout the month of March, the Not Dumanis Facebook page gained over 200 fans, while the official Dumanis campaign page was far behind at 70. Along with the rising popularity of the Not Dumanis Facebook Page, the campaign executed a strong social networking opposition strategy which resulted in several media outlets covering the Not Dumanis campaign as well as created buss in the community against her mayoral bid.

This week, the Dumanis campaign shut down the official Dumanis for Mayor Facebook campaign page and removed any mention of Bonnie Dumanis running for mayor from her personal Facebook page.

Could this be the sign of Bonnie Dumanis dropping out of the mayoral race?

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